Start mining your own Bitcoins!

Bitcoin mining hardware

Bitcoin Mining Hardware

More and more people are interested in finding out on how to get their own mining equipment to start generating bitcoins. The prices range from 700 to 3000 Euro’s for home installations to start.. You need some knowledge to program the miner to start mining the currency you want. Also bare in mind that the POWER needed for that equipment to come up with reasonable and profitable amounts of ‘coins’ mostly makes it not even a “break-even” situation.. So how to start mining when you can’t afford to buy expensive mining equipment or have no experience in programming a miner or just don’t have the time and energy to spend hours and hours discovering how to do it?

Dragon Mine

Let me introduce you to Dragon Mine, The most secure cryptocurrency mine in the world. Dragon mine not only uses green power to mine, but also uses top notch up and to date materials to do so. This gives everybody the pleasure to be able to start mining from 25$, up to 10.000$.. And you do not have to worry that your equipment crashes, or goes outdated.. Dragonmine takes care of it all, you just have to check your daily mining profits on your very own backoffice which dragonmine offers to all its members. Dragonmine is active Since 2009 in crypto currency mining, one of the most profitable markets in the world today.

Why everybody should start mining today!

Bitcoin and is the future of how value will be exchanged around the world.

Bitcoin is still a toddler, nonetheless one coin is already worth $800, the original price for one coin years ago was 1 cent. While paper money is increasingly losing its value over time, bitcoin keeps rising in value.


Bitcoin is extremely similar to the Internet in 1993 at a time when most people didn’t know about it, or didn’t think it would ever amount to much.The idea that almost everyone would use the Internet in the future or that regular people would be walking around with “Smart Phones” that depended on the Internet seemed ridiculous!

Some of the people who believed passionately in the Internet during that time were laughed at! (Of course, some of them became Billionaires so…)

The Internet has changed the way that the world is able to communicate and Bitcoin will do the same for the way that value is exchanged around the world.

Dragon Mine puts you at the forefront of this revolution. With Dragon Mine, You are in exactly the right place at the best time. The longer that members can mine, the more coin they can make and receive.The sooner that you take action, the sooner you can see freshly minted Bitcoin in your mining dashboard.

We give you control. The future is in Your Hands! For once, You have the power!


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